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swappie swap..

oo, mail!
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this is a community for those of you who looove sending and getting mail.. real mail!

here's the deal:

- join a swap! or start your own. (see the rules for starting a swap, below)

- get busy creating! use your genius like imagination to come up with something ultra rad for your end of the swap. be creative and put some effort into it! ..it really sucks when you put a lot of time into something but what you get back is crap.

- send it out!

- wait by the mailbox for your cool new stuff!

there are 3 different types of swaps.

.. multi-person swaps: everyone sends me one nifty item, i jumble them around and send them back out to you. you'll never get your own item back, so no worries! i'll also try my hardest to make it so the item you recieve is about the same quality as the one you sent.

.. person to person swaps: two people, their terms, they do their thing and leave me out of it! ;)

.. multi-swaps: the same idea as a multi-person swap, except instead of only sending out one thing, you send out however many the amount of people participating is, and get something back from each person! these swaps are best for smaller things like postcards, letters, and cds or tapes.

swap rules

- ALL multi-person swaps must first be approved by me, nikoleblue. email the link in the info or IM me or whatnot. it's all good.

- i am in NO way responsible for any swaps that have gone missing. i'm not the postal service. i will not reimburse you for your loss.

- however, there's a one strike policy.. if you don't live up to your end of the bargain, you're out. (this rule might be broken from time to time IF the swapper has a record of positive swaps. sometimes stuff legitimately gets lost or takes forever to show up, i know)

- include postage in the package you send out. if you don't, your item will be held until you do.

- don't send out junk and expect to get cool stuff back! show the world how much you rock!

- have your subject line be descriptive of your swap when posting one.