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Its Been Awhile and my penpal pool has kinda died so here i go… - swappie swap.. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
oo, mail!

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[May. 10th, 2005|11:47 pm]
oo, mail!
Its Been Awhile and my penpal pool has kinda died so here i go again..

[x] Name: Heather

[x] Age: 22

[x] Birthday: Feb 9th

[x] Location:Upstate New York

[x] E-mail: tigger020983@yahoo.com

[x] Contact:see above

[x] Main Interests:

[x] (Self-)Described as: shy,loner, good friend, i dunno really..

[x] Work?: grocery store cashier (hey its a job )

[x] Who are your favorite bands?:MATCHBOX 20,collective soul, guns n'roses, ac/dc, metallica, 3 doors down, EVERYTHING almost.. minus most rap and country ..

[x] Favorite movies: not too into movies but.. It by Stephen King, and The Glass House

[x] Favorite TV shows:

[x] Favorite authors:patricia cornwell, marry higgins clark, catherine coulter

[x] Current favorite book: none... spend too much time on the computer and working

[x] Seeking:penpals and snailmail pals (snail mail i would like the other person to write first)

[x] A list of things that you wouldn't mind getting/giving:drawings, mixed cds, (other things such as small packages sometimes)

[x] How many pen pals do you want?:a few

[x] What sex do you want them to be?: doesnt matter

[x] What religion do you want them to be?:doesnt matter

[x] Where do you want them to be from?:usa preferably though i can also use some more international ones.. just not alot..